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Productivity and balance aren't about throwing more tools and tactics at the wall.

They're about knowing yourself and your natural energy patterns and rhythms.

It's time to figure out yours.

The process is simple:

A few times a day, check in with yourself and rate your productivity, energy, and mood
Continue for at least 7 days to see how you ebb and flow throughout the week
Learn your unique patterns so you can optimize around them

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Once you start sleuthing and recognizing patterns, you can:

Better plan your daily schedule to make work easierIdentify your most energizing and draining activitiesFigure out when to take breaks before your slumpPlan your most difficult work for power hours
And it all comes together for a brighter, more balanced routine! 🎉

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It started like this...

Since 2017, I've taught burnout-prone professionals how to adjust their mindset around work, play, and rest to break out of their burnout cycle. This was after years of dealing with my own burnout and mindset around workaholism and chronic illness.

And throughout all of that work on myself and with others, I've learned that IT'S ALL ABOUT ENERGY. ⚡️

Becoming more productive? Requires understanding your energy.

Feeling more balanced? Requires understanding your energy.

Improving your mental health? Requires understanding your energy.

You see where I'm going...

Knowing, understanding, and managing your energy is at the core of almost any improvement or optimization you can make to your work or life.

This is why in 2018, I developed an Energy Investigation process to help my clients and customers start honing the self-awareness to discover some of the patterns in their energy, productivity, and mood. 🔍

And Energy Sleuth gets you started on an Energy Investigation of your own.

And here's a bit about me...

I'm Brittany Berger, the founder of Work Brighter, a digital media company that gives you the tools, training, and support to break out of Hustle Culture's burnout cycle and find a better balance between productivity and self-care.

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